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SupplyVend® Asset Management Lockers: Revolutionising Asset Management!

SupplyVend shouldn’t be a cumbersome task. With that vision, we present our ground-breaking line of asset management lockers. Tailored for the modern business environment, these lockers fuse cost-effectiveness, scalability, and intuitiveness, making asset management seamless, whether you operate within a distribution centre, warehouse, or manufacturing floor.

Why Choose SupplyVend Lockers?

SupplyVend lockers offer real-time check-in and check-out visibility. With instant tracking, you can monitor your assets in real-time, ensuring nothing goes amiss. This enhanced visibility not only streamlines operations but significantly reduces waste.

Security is paramount, and with our lockers, you get just that. Assign access based on job function, department, or work orders. Your assets are safe with us.

With 7 main configurations and 7 auxiliary configurations, our lockers cater to diverse business needs, ensuring you find a setup that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

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