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Get the ultimate inventory control with the fully customisable SupplySystem™

Designed to meet your requirements down to the last detail, this innovative approach to storage and dispensing will revolutionise control of your assets and consumables.

What is SupplySystem™?

SupplySystem™ is the pinnacle of intuitive storage and dispensing technology.

Whether you need extensive high density storage or a compact unit for simple control, SupplySystem™ can be completely customised to your business. Choose from countless possibilities to create a customised solution that improves efficiency, accuracy and reliability. The result? The items and information you need, where and when you need them.

SupplySystem™ is modular in design. That means you can choose from door and drawer modules that work for your business, eliminating wasted space. It’s simple to change the configuration or add more units when you are ready to expand, and SupplySystem can be combined with other SupplyPro solutions including SmartDrawer and SupplyBay.

What are the features?

SupplySystem™ is the most intelligent inventory control system on the market.

When you choose this inventory management solution, you will benefit from:

Intuitive inventory management

Smart recommendations for efficiency improvements

In-depth support and technical help every step of the way

Flexible configuration that adapts to your needs

Modular design to add or remove units when you want

Customisable levels of control

Variety of drawer, unit and module sizes

Proactive alerts to avoid productivity loss

24/7 access to essential information

Easy-to-use interface

What can be stored in the SupplySystem™?

The possibilities are endless with SupplySystem™! Everything about this solution is designed to efficiently and intelligently deliver the best experience possible. Whatever your industry demands, you will find plenty of options for your inventory control with the SupplySystem™.

The unique feature of the SupplySystem™ is its capacity to accommodate a wide array of items. Whether it’s safety equipment necessary for maintaining a safe work environment, or essential hand tools used daily in your operation, the SupplySystem™ can help your business.

It’s an efficient storage for an array of cutting tools, keeping them organised and ensuring they are always within reach when needed. This system is capable of storing welding equipment as well, ensuring they are protected and available when they are needed for your operations.

What you store in your SupplySystem™ is up to you. Some ideas include:

  • Safety equipment
  • Hand tool
  • Cutting tools
  • Welding equipment
  • Adhesives and sealants
  • Tape
  • Torches and lighting equipment
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • And much more!

If you’re not sure whether SupplySystem™ is right for your inventory needs, contact our experienced team today.

What are the design specifications?

The modular approach of the SupplySystem™ means we can build the specification of your inventory solution to meet your needs exactly.

You may also want to add additional SupplyPro® units, like the SupplyScale® for quick and easy weight controlled dispensing.

Why choose SupplySystem™?

SupplySystem™ is the ultimate choice when you need a fully configurable inventory system for any environment and any product mix. It gives you the opportunity to grow and expand your solution depending on your business needs and delivers reliability as standard.

Every SupplySystem™ comes with enhanced technical support too. From planning your SupplySystem configuration to providing expert advice, we will be with you every step of the way.

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