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Have you ever wondered how industrial vending machines are used in manufacturing companies?

These vending machines provide many benefits in terms of cost savings, inventory control, and increased productivity.

They offer a secure and automated way to manage tools, equipment, and supplies in the workplace. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the typical applications of industrial vending machines and how they can benefit your business.


Tool Management

Industrial vending machines significantly streamline the tool management process, ensuring security, traceability, and efficiency. By granting tool access to only accredited personnel, these machines considerably minimise the potential for loss or theft – a crucial factor in high-stakes manufacturing environments. Moreover, with their ability to track tool usage, these machines provide invaluable data for record-keeping and inventory control.

By analysing tool usage patterns, management can make informed decisions about procurement and allocation, optimising resources and reducing wastage. In addition, the constant monitoring provided by these machines can facilitate predictive maintenance, prolonging the lifespan of the tools and saving the company from unexpected repair or replacement costs.

Thus, the implementation of industrial vending machines in tool management not only offers immediate operational enhancements but also provides long-term financial advantages.


Consumable Management

Apart from tool management, industrial vending machines play a critical role in managing consumables for businesses. These machines ensure that essential items such as gloves, earplugs, and safety glasses are readily accessible to employees as and when required. By offering a controlled distribution of these consumables, the machines aid in minimising waste and maintaining accurate inventory levels.

In addition, a standout feature of these machines is their ability to alert administrators when inventory dips to low levels. This proactive notification system ensures that stocks are replenished promptly, preventing any potential disruption in workflow due to shortages.

This method of consumable management not only increases operational efficiency but also contributes to a safer working environment by ensuring that protective gear is always available to staff.


PPE Management

Industrial vending machines not only support the management of personal protective equipment (PPE) but also enhance its accountability. By requiring workers to scan an ID card or enter a code to access gear like safety harnesses and fall arrestors, it creates a record of who has taken what, and when. This data can be vital for audits, stock management, and identifying equipment usage trends.

These machines can be programmed to issue alerts when PPE stock reaches a predetermined low level, triggering a re-order automatically. This ensures not only that workers always have the necessary PPE, but also that damaged or worn-out items are replaced promptly, maintaining the highest standards of workplace safety.

At Tooling Intelligence, our SupplyBay machine can be configured to dispense a wide range of items, including PPE. From AAA batteries to bulky welding gloves, this system can be tailored to your industrial vending requirements.


Maintenance Management

Not only do industrial vending machines streamline the maintenance process, but they also help in inventory management. They keep track of the spare parts being used, ensuring that stock levels are maintained and reorders are placed promptly to prevent any shortage.

Moreover, these intelligent machines can generate detailed usage reports, providing crucial insights into the most frequently used parts, consumption patterns, and potential areas of wastage.

This data can be used to optimise inventory, improve the efficiency of maintenance operations, and ultimately, contribute to cost savings.

These machines can be linked to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, allowing for seamless integration with your existing business processes. Thus, industrial vending machines are not just about automated maintenance, they are about bringing a new level of intelligence and efficiency to your operations.


Inventory Replenishment

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, these automated machines also provide a higher level of control over the usage of critical and costly items. With the ability to track usage by employee, workstation, or department, it’s easier to identify any misuse, theft, or misplacement of items. This facilitates accountability and encourages responsible use of resources.

One of the many great benefits of this machine is the real-time inventory data provided by these machines. This data can be integrated with your existing management software, providing you with a streamlined, holistic view of your inventory, which ultimately enables more effective and efficient decision-making.


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At Tooling Intelligence, we offer a wide range of point-of-use vending solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. If you need a vending solution for your business and you’re unsure of the most suitable solution, please get in touch with our team today on 01926 484511.