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We provide a comprehensive range of point-of-use vending solutions that allow your company to maximise efficiency and return on investment within your supply chain. As channel managers of the market leading SupplyPro, we can build and configure a system that matches your business requirements whether that’s as a stand alone product or a fully integrated dispensing solution.

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Inventory Management

In a world driven by efficiency, our tooling intelligence and inventory management systems stand as critical resources for organisations. We provide robust, scalable solutions designed to streamline operations and bolster productivity. Our systems are equipped with advanced features that allow real-time tracking of tools, automated reordering of depleted stock, and integration with existing ERP systems.

Where we are used


Our inventory management solutions provide round the clock access to the mission critical needs of aerospace manufacturing. Our products offer a one stop solution for tooling, equipment and PPE, giving you complete visibility of your vital inventory.

Precision Engineering

Precision engineering requires precision storage, which is why our SupplyPro products are the ideal choice. Control your consigned and managed stock with customisable ordering, reporting and stock control functionality.

Heavy Industry

Our SupplyPro inventory management solutions are designed to cope with the demands of heavy industry. From small machinery management to tool dispensing systems, we offer a range of applications suitable for factories, warehouses, plants and other industrial environments.

Oil and Gas

With our industrial vending machine solutions, you can store and dispense all of the equipment and tools you need in harsh manufacturing environments. Our systems are flexible, durable and intuitive, making sure your plant runs as efficiently as possible.

Transport and Maintenance

Give your maintenance teams managed access to equipment and tools with our innovative SupplyPro products. Track and monitor where your assets are, when they are due back and when calibration is due- even for items too large to store in a conventional vending machine.


From cleanroom requirements to easily-accessible tools and equipment, our SupplyPro products are the ideal solution for medical environments. Offering complete visibility and control, you can customise your system to meet the needs of your medical manufacturing centre.


Our SupplyPro products are suitable for any automotive application, whether you manage a production line or aftermarket service centre. Store, dispense and manage your vital inventory with our range of customisable solutions.


When you need quick and efficient access to your tools, our SupplyPro products are the ideal solution. From the factory floor to mobile systems, we have a range of intuitive options to meet the exact requirements of you and your subcontractors.


Bring control and accountability to your inventory management and vending solutions with our innovative SupplyPro products. With full visibility, tracking and reporting capabilities, you can ensure safe storage and controlled access to your tools with minimal demand on the site infrastructure.

Our Products

We provide a comprehensive range of point-of-use vending solutions that are designed to streamline operations, boost productivity, and enhance efficiency. Our innovative products allow your company to maximise efficiency and return on investment within your supply chain.

At Tooling Intelligence, we believe in providing practical, reliable industrial vending machines that can adapt to your unique needs, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems for a smooth transition and ongoing operations. Trust in our expertise to transform your inventory management and experience the Tooling Intelligence difference.


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At Tooling Intelligence we offer a comprehensive range of point of use vending solutions for a variety of industrial applications.