SupplyBay provides reliable vending with absolute control in even the harshest industrial environments. With average capacity ranging from 320 to 1600 pieces, you can completely customise the configuration to meet a diverse range of products. The patented multiple motor rotation means that you are guaranteed successful vending every time, even with large items.

Boasting a maximum of 70 individual stock keeping units and a weight capacity of up to 45 kg per tray, SupplyBay is suitable for dispensing cutting tools, hand tools, PPE, medical supplies, tape, batteries and much more.

SupplyBay provides absolute control over your system with the ability to monitor all transactions and stock levels at your device from any where in the world. All you need is a network connection and a power supply!

Why Choose SupplyBay?

  • Engineered for harsh industrial environments
  • Flexible and easily reconfigurable
  • Guaranteed successful dispensing of small and large items
  • Full visibility and control over system
  • 20 interchangeable helix configurations

Whether you are looking to use SupplyBay as a stand alone product or wanting to incorporate it into a custom vending solution with other SupplyPro products you can easily adjust the systems to match your needs. For further details on this please contact our team who will be happy to help.

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